“Supporting families to thrive in the heart of the community”

Southern Links Children’s Centre run a lot of different groups, all free, for families with babies and young children under the age of 5.

We provide a family support service for families in our local area, offering help & support when it's most needed.

We run a small nursery for 2 year olds eligible for the 2 year old Free entitlement.

You can register with your children's centre online below so you can start using our groups and services.

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Our Groups

Baby group is a free weekly group for parents/carers and their children from birth to one year of age.  It is term-time only and focuses on you and your baby’s needs, sorry – no older siblings at this one.

What happens at Baby Group?

  • A warm welcome for everyone with our ‘Hello Song’
  • Time to play with your child
  • Singing and Rhymes
  • An opportunity to talk with other parents, share information and ideas about your child's learning and development
  • Suggestions to do at home
  • A lovely wind down And our ‘Good Bye’ song

You don’t need to book, just come along. 

What do parents say?

“Friendly atmosphere”.  “Meet new people”  “Lots of toys for babies to play with”. “It is a great way to meet other Mums and babies of the same age and give each other tips and ideas, and learn new activities to do with your child”. “Love how laid back it is,  you work round your baby needs and no one judges you and all the staff are lovely”. “It’s great to get together with like minded people”.

Stay and Play

Is for children under 5 and their parents and carers.  If you have more than one child under 5 it's ideal as it caters for all children under 5.  
    •    your child will have the opportunity to learn and play with you
    •    you and your child will make new friends
    •    you can talk to staff about any concerns, get information and find out about other services availalble.

All our stay and play sessions include activities such as crafts, water play and treasure baskets, snack time (please bring fruit) and singing and sometimes stories too.

Parents are able to drop in to whichever Stay & Play they would like without pre-booking however sessions can be very busy, if we reach our group limit priority will go to families living in the Children’s Centre reach area.

What do parents say
Parents like...
“Meeting other parents, talking to staff, songs and stories”.
“I loved the little activities that are set out and staff are really friendly”.
“Different toys and activities my children can do, which I wouldn’t do at home , due to the mess”.
“The staff. They are so friendly and supportive. Other toddler groups just focus on the children. This is the only place where I feel like the staff are here for the parents, just as much as they are for the children, and this is why I love the Children’s Centre. They have offered me so much support through a difficult time in my life”.

Gym Tots
Gym Tots is a fun physical development session for parents and carers to come along with their children under 5, to explore physical resources and take ideas home.

Our session routine is as follows:
    •    Hello song
    •    Warm up time (two action songs)
    •    Free flow physical play (focus activity and theme)
    •    Parachute time (singing and rhymes with the parachute)
    •    Goodbye song

At Gym Tots there are lots of fun but risky equipment, so to keep everyone safe we have a few rules.
In order to avoid slipping please put your children in appropriate footwear ie. Trainers, or barefoot. Please do not keep socks on them. Please supervise your children at all times in order to keep them and others safe. 

What Parents Say
“Really enjoyable group, thank you!”.
“Great Place”.
“There are lots of toys and equipment for both kids to play on which I wouldn’t be able to provide at home”.
“It provides excellent physical exercise for the children whatever the weather in a structured environment. Great for preparation for pre-school”.
“Fun, good layout, friendly staff and its free!”

Breastfeeding Group

Our breastfeeding support groups are lovely friendly groups where you can meet other breastfeeding mums and get some help and support.


  • 23 March, 2018

    Can you please note that the Breastfeeding Group at Ilminster will not be running this afternoon. The next Breastfeeding Group will be on Friday 13th April.

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    22 March, 2018

    Thank you everyone for coming along to our Easter Forest School Event, we hope you all enjoyed yo...

  • 22 March, 2018

    We are looking forward to our forest school Easter event this afternoon. Please make sure your dressed warm as we will be outdoors. We have noticed that a few people have booked onto today and Tuesdays disco. This has prevented some families from attending anything. Please see us today about this so we can offer these spaces to others.

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    21 March, 2018

  • Title Here

    21 March, 2018

    A little reminder the Easter Forest School Event is tomorrow. We still have a few places left. ...

  • 15 March, 2018

    Reminder; Stockwood Stay and play and baby group are not on tomorrow as we are closed for an inset day (friday 15th March).

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Our Staff

Lil Bowers is our lovely Children's Centre Manager, she keeps us all super busy! 

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